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International youth COORDINATORS  


International Youth Coordinator - Asia Pacific

Bobby Lianto


Bobby Lianto is the CEO of SEJAHTERA Group and serves as a chairman for the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Province NTT.

International Youth Coordinator - Latin America

Jose Ramon Aguilera



José Ramón Aguilera has been a member of FGBMFI / FIHNEC for 11 years, during the last 6 years he served as National Youth Coordinator for Honduras.


José Ramón also held the position of Executive Director for the First International Youth Conference held in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.


He has visited several countries in North, Central and South America; supporting youth growth and movement in these countries and participating as a speaker on issues of leadership, unity and entrepreneurship.


José Ramón graduated from the Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana with a degree in Graphic Design; currently holds the position of Regional Manager for the company Cortinas Blue Internacional.

International Youth Coordinator - Africa

Erick Diakubukwa

Democratic Republic of Congo


Erick DIAKUBUKWA (DKB), is an Agronomist Engineer who works for the Congolese Government in a Transport and Port company. He is also an Entrepreneur in the field of Construction and Agronomy,  and co-founded a company named New Styles Engineering.

Married to Lydia YOKO (a banker), father of 4 wonderful children including 1 girl and 3 boys.


Erick has been a Full Gospel member since 2002 in Lubumbashi (home city), where he accepted JESUS ​​in a youth chapter. In 2006, he was elected to the position of Chapter President for the first time. In 2010, he became National Director in the DRC and in 2012 he joined the National Board as Deputy National Secretary. In 2018, he became, in addition to the function of Deputy National Secretary, National Coordinator of Youth in the DRC. In 2021, by appointment of Mario Garcia he joined the International Directors at large team.

With Lydia, they have a passion for creating and establishing new chapters.

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