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Directors of Special ministries



Director of School of the Vision

Director of Global Prayer

Director of Global Media & Publicity


First / Last Name / Country

John Carrette (USA)

Omar Portillo (El Salvador)

Oscar Bello (Nicaragua)

Director of the School of  the Vision

Mr. John Carrette

United States


Johnny Carrette is our Director for training in the Vision given by God to FGBMFI.


He has been a member of the Fellowship for 40 years and together with his wife Charlotte, he was trained by our Founding President, Demos Shakarian, to be a helper to our chapters in the nations.


Director of Global Prayer

Omar Portillo

El Salvador

Omar_Portillo (1).jpg

Mr. Omar Portillo is a businessman in woods field, married to Berta Alicia de Portillo, 3 sons and 1 daugher. He lives in San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America.

He has been a member of the fellowship since September 2007.

Omar has served 10 years as a chapter president (2008-2018), 5 years as servant in Training National team (2011-2013) (2018-2019), 1 year as Coordinator of Intercession for International Events including 2020 virtual worldwide convention. 

He has also served 2 years as Director of Intercession for Latin America (2021-2022), 2 years as National Director of Intercession El Salvador (2021-2022), and currently the National Director of Intercession for El Salvador, period 2023-2024.

Director of Global Media and Publicity

Oscar Bello


Oscar_Bello (1).jpg

Mr. Oscar Bello is from Nicaragua and works in his own law firm as a corporative lawyer and Notary Public, married, a father of three sons, and has been serving in FGBMFI for more than 20 years.

Living a Godless life during his teenage and young adult, he had a personal encounter with Jesus in a chapter in the city of Managua, then his whole life changed. He was healed from drugs and alcoholism through visiting FGBMFI meetings, his family was restored, he married Anabelle, who had been his college sweetheart. Once he received salvation and eternal life thanks to that wonderful encounter with Jesus, he decided to serve fully and follow the vision of FGBMFI, which is to reach out to other men in Nicaragua, Central, North and South America presenting Jesus.

He has served on the Board of Directors of local FGBMFI chapters, as Field Representative for 14 years, International Director of Nicaragua to the International Office for the last 10 years and currently serves as Secretary of the National Board of FGBMFI Nicaragua and other national appointments.

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