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International Prayer Coordinators



Director of Global Prayer

North America 



Asia Pacific

Latin America 

First / Last Name / Country

Omar Portillo ( El Salvador)

Bill Wilson (USA)

Bart De Wolf (Belgium)

Samuel Welbeck (Ghana)

Joshua Ding (Malaysia)

Daniel Fagian Cabrera (Honduras)

Director of Global Prayer

Omar Portillo

El Salvador

Omar_Portillo (1).jpg

Mr. Omar Portillo is a businessman in woods field, married to Berta Alicia de Portillo, 3 sons and 1 daugher. He lives in San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America.

He has been a member of the fellowship since September 2007.

Omar has served 10 years as a chapter president (2008-2018), 5 years as servant in Training National team (2011-2013) (2018-2019), 1 year as Coordinator of Intercession for International Events including 2020 virtual worldwide convention. 

He has also served 2 years as Director of Intercession for Latin America (2021-2022), 2 years as National Director of Intercession El Salvador (2021-2022), and currently the National Director of Intercession for El Salvador, period 2023-2024.

North America

Bill Wilson



Bill Wilson has been active in FGBMFI since first attending a meeting during college and receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. The men in the Seattle, Washington chapter mentored him and showed what it truly takes to be a Man of God, to be a Godly businessman and how to minister to other men in Christ.

He received the Lord when he was 12 years old and was born and raised in Seattle. Mr. Wilson graduated with a degree in Business Administration, started a General Contracting company, and invested in real estate. He then joined with is father in the field of real estate and property managment.

Through Full Gospel he has traveled on many airlifts around the world. Helping to start chapters in the Canary Islands, Morocco, and Vietnam. He is active in the God-Mobile Ministry locally and enjoys praying for healing and seeing God do the miraculous. It has been a joy for Mr. Wilson in helping with the FGBMFI-USA prayer team. 

Mr. Wilson is currently the North West Regional Director for FGBMFI-USA and the North Seattle Chapter President.


Bart De Wolf



Bart met a woman from El Salvador in Belgium and moved with her to her home country in 1996. In 1997 he was first invited to an FGBMFI event in the capital San Salvador.

Bart served in the FGBMFI chapter Siete Mares (Seven Seas) in El Salvador for over 10 years.

Many marvelous things happened there over the years that made him trust in the Lord without wavering. (Psalm 26:1)


In 2010 Bart moved back to Belgium with his wife, son, and three daughters. Since 2020 he has been participating in the restart of FGBMFI in Belgium.


Bart has been working as an Analyst Programmer ever since he graduated as an IT software specialist in 1988.


Samuel Welbeck



Mr. Samuel Welbeck is a lifetime member from the Labone chapter in Ghana.

He is married to his wife Mrs. Efua Welbeck and has five children.

Mr. Welbeck is a businessman in trading and the hospitality industry. 

He has served as a chapter membership director, chapter vice president, chapter president, field representative for five chapters, and the National Director for Prayer FGBMFI-Ghana

His hobbies include studying the WORD of GOD, empowering people, serving JESUS CHRIST, and listening to Gospel music.

Asia Pacific

Joshua Ding


Joshua Ding.png

Joshua Ding is currently the Deputy Northern Regional Director and also the National Prayer Coordinator for FGBMFI Malaysia.

He is a legal Consultant and Practitioner

Latin America

Daniel Fagian Cabrera


unnamed (5).jpg

Mr. Daniel Fagian Cabrera was born in Uruguay in September 1960. He has lived in Honduras since 2006.

Mr. Cabrera is married to Lila Eneida de Fagian the Honduras National Secretary for Ladies and has been an active member since 2006. He held the position of National Director of Prayer in Honduras from 2011 to 2022.

Mr. Cabrera feels it is a privilege to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in FGBMFI.

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