Giving to FGBMFI

Supporting FGBMFI is a great way to equip and empower our
founder Demos Shakarian's vision! When you give to FGBMFI
you help:


  • Open new neighborhoods and cities to the love of God.

  • Provide training and resources for members.

  • Support outreaches and conferences in cities across the world.

  • Support FGBMFI internationally.


All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. Major credit cards accepted. If you would like to send a gift through regular mail, please send a check or money order to:

FGBMFI • 2600 Michelson Dr., Suite 1700 • Irvine, CA 92612

To Donate Online Using Paypal or Credit Card:

"My command is this:

Love each other as I have loved you."

                             -  John 15:12

Monthly Giving Plans

The Monthly Giving Plans ($30, $100, $300, $1000 per month, recurring gift). Your donation will be an investment to the ministry of FGBMFI. You will be helping us to fulfill our God given vision. 


Click on the donate button below, select Monthly Giving Plans, enter monthly donation amount, and select reoccurring gift You will be instructed to enter your credit card information.

         Becoming a Member         

Membership in FGBMFI is managed on a national level.  Each nation registers and records the members within that nation.  Please contact your national office to request membership information.

In the United States of America...

A person joins FGBMFI through their local chapter.  A Chapter Officer is required to recommend a person for membership.

An Annual membership is $25 per year for men and for ladies.

A Youth Membership is $20 per year for those unmarried persons 24 years of age and younger.

There is also a special membership opportunity called the Life Time Membership for $250.  Along with membership privileges, the member receives a yearly entry in the Global Business Directory.  

To enroll as a member in the USA, begin by clicking on the following link:

Once you complete enrollment, your information will be submited to your chapter officer for verfication and collection of membership dues.  They will then submit the membership to the National Headquarters for processing along with your payment (cash/check/money order) or  proof of purchase (online reciept) to: FGBMFI - OPERATIONS, PO BOX 51567, SARASOTA, FL 34232 .