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regional vice presidents
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RVP Latin America & Caribbean (Latin)

RVP North America & Caribbean (Non-Latin)

RVP Africa

RVP Europe

RVP Asia Pacific

First/Last Name

Jose Ramon Aguilera, Sr. (Honduras)

Tim King (USA)

Pierre Fwelo (DRC)

Bruno Berthon (France)

Rudiyanto Jap (Indonesia)

RVP North America & Caribbean (Non-Latin)

Mr. Tim King



Tim grew up as a Preachers kid in North Carolina. He was saved at an early age. He knew there had to be more than what he was seeing in the Churches his Father Pastored. In 1973 he received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. 

While in College he met Clara Frazier & they were married. After College he was trained by large Financial Corporations. He & his young family were transferred to Enid, Oklahoma. In 1980 at 27, he joined the Enid, OK FGBMFI Chapter & was soon elected Chapter President. Moving to Shreveport, LA, Tim became a Certified Mortgage Consultant. There he started his Mortgage Company, which would grow to 22 Mortgage Branches in 10 States. His Company grew rapidly & the headquarters was moved to Birmingham, AL. There he was elected President of the Alabama Mortgage Brokers Association. Being President his duty was to lobby in Washington, DC where he met with four Presidents, many Senators & Congressmen.

While in Birmingham in 1987,Tim and a young Kenyan Missionary started "Jesus Harvesters Ministry," which now has 155 Agape Churches in Kenya, Africa. In 2000, Tim moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he continued in the Housing Industry. In 2012, Richard Shakarian asked Tim to start an Executive Chapter in Phoenix. This Chapter grew rapidly & hosted many great meetings. In 2016, his Chapter helped launch Kevin Zadai Ministries. In 2019, Tim was the USA Convention Chairman where Kevin Zadai was the keynote speaker in Phoenix, AZ.

Tim was appointed "Director of Supernatural Ministries" for FGBMFI-USA. In 1996, John Sherrill made Tim the Publisher of the classic book "The Happiest People on Earth." 

He has been married to Clara for over 50 years. They have 4 Children,12 Grandchildren, and 3 Great Grand Children. 

RVP Europe

Mr. Bruno Berthon



Bruno has been an active member of FGBMFI since the day of November 1976 when he was baptized in the Holy Spirit during a meeting of the Paris chapter, the only one in France then. He became a young National President in 1983, renewed until 2004.


During these years France could initiate the work in many French speaking Africa nations, and was also much involved in the European developments, with outreaches to new nations, particularly in Eastern Europe. He remembers the big European convention that took place in France in 1986 where Demos and Rose were present for what would be their last visit to Europe, or the huge European gathering in 1997 in Paris’ largest indoor stadium, with Christians from all nations and denominations, sharing together, in the unity of the Body of Christ, the good news of lives transformed by Christ.


Bruno was International Vice President for Europe from 1994 to 2003, then he was appointed by Richard Shakarian as his Special Regent for French speaking Africa. He remembers visiting these nations together with the Nicaraguan brothers in order to launch the new fire team’s developments. 


Bruno is a living memory of much of our Fellowship history, with its successes and also its failures. As a European he has experienced how lack of unity can harm and even destroy the work. That is why in the IDs’ meetings over the last years Bruno would steadily intervene to press our International body to take steps towards unity and reconciliation. Bruno says: Now is the time.


Professionally Bruno was working in the international field of energy. He is married with Chantal, and they have six children.

RVP Asia Pacific

Mr. Rudiyanto Jap



Rudi was born in a Buddhist family and lived in a happy family background. He became fatherless when he lost his father in 1985, when he was at his 1st day study in university. He had to work and became the breadwinner in the family since then.


He joined church in kindergarten when his school teacher brought him to Sunday school. He was baptized in 1987 at Immanuel Methodist church in Jakarta. He became a church leader and played an important part of leadership in the church but never fully functioned as a messenger of Christ until he met FGBMFI in 2004.

He became an awakening sleeping giant and missionary in the marketplace since then. He has a strong passion for young people, especially the fatherless young generation. He has been on the national board for the young movement for 8 years since 2012 and has developed many young leaders.

He initiated YOUNG MOVEMENT CONFERENCE (YMC) in 2018 which aims to prepare young people for the Demography bonus year in 2028. This conference is attended by thousands of young businessmen and young professionals with powerful and successful speakers from entrepreneurs, CEOs, education, politics, ministers, media, pastors, and artists. This conference is held every year for 10 years, from 2018 to 2028.
Rudi has been the National Executive Vice President of Indonesia since 2020 and also International Director. He is presently the Regional Vice President of Asia Pacific and was appointed in 2024.

Rudi is married to his wife, Ainy for 25 years and they have 3 loving boys.


He is a director of Excra Pte Ltd … a trading company in consumer goods focusing in flour and cooking oil. He started his business in 1993 exporting textiles and garments. Then housewares, furniture, footwear, and consumer goods to Asia, Europe, USA, and Africa.

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