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regional vice presidents



RVP - French West Africa

RVP - Central Africa

RVP - East Africa

RVP - Southern Africa

RVP - Asia Pacific

RVP - Central America, Panama, Mexico and (Latin) Caribbean

RVP - Northern South America

RVP - Southern South America

RVP - Western Europe

RVP - Eastern Europe

RVP - Caribbean

RVP - Russia & Some Surrounding Nations

RVP - Anglophone West Africa & Cape Verde


First/Last Name

Lucien Ahua

Pierre Fwelo

Eghosa Ogedegbe

George Prah

Anthony Putihrai

Jose Ramon Aguilera Mejia

Jorge Hernandez

Raul D'Angelo

Bruno Berthon


Trevor Joseph

Andrey Zlobin

Willie Orhin


Regional VP Southern South America

Raul D'Angelo


Foto RD FGBMFI.jpeg

Raul D'Angelo has been part of FGBMFI since 2014 and has held the position of National Secretary of FGBMFI Argentina since 2016.


Born in the city of Buenos Aires and with a background in Electrical Engineering, he has directed Arquinec Group for more than 30 years, a provider of technological solutions for the B2B segment based in Argentina and with a presence in South America. 


Throughout his extensive professional career, Raul has given seminars and conferences in different Latin American countries focused on digital transformation in the Health Care, Manufacturing, Utilities and Real Estate industries.


Passionate about transmitting his experience of personal transformation to others, Raul has had the opportunity to participate in various chapter events and as a speaker visiting different countries in Latin America and Spain.


Married to Alicia for 32 years, they work together in the business field, and for more than a decade they have been developing spiritual support and training activities aimed at developing leadership with a Purpose and have seen with great satisfaction how people and their families are transformed by the power of God.


They both have a son, Ezequiel, recently graduated in Industrial Engineering, who leads the FGBMFI Youth group in Argentina.

Regional VP Western Europe

Bruno Berthon



Bruno has been an active member of FGBMFI since the day of November 1976 when he was baptized in the Holy Spirit during a meeting of the Paris chapter, the only one in France then. He became a young National President in 1983, renewed until 2004.


During these years France could initiate the work in many French speaking Africa nations, and was also much involved in the European developments, with outreaches to new nations, particularly in Eastern Europe. He remembers the big European convention that took place in France in 1986 where Demos and Rose were present for what would be their last visit to Europe, or the huge European gathering in 1997 in Paris’ largest indoor stadium, with Christians from all nations and denominations, sharing together, in the unity of the Body of Christ, the good news of lives transformed by Christ.


Bruno was International Vice President for Europe from 1994 to 2003, then he was appointed by Richard Shakarian as his Special Regent for French speaking Africa. He remembers visiting these nations together with the Nicaraguan brothers in order to launch the new fire team’s developments. 


Bruno is a living memory of much of our Fellowship history, with its successes and also its failures. As a European he has experienced how lack of unity can harm and even destroy the work. That is why in the IDs’ meetings over the last years Bruno would steadily intervene to press our International body to take steps towards unity and reconciliation. Bruno says: Now is the time.


Professionally Bruno was working in the international field of energy. He is married with Chantal, and they have six children.

Regional VP Southern Africa

George Prah



GEORGE PRAH is the National President of FGBMFI Ghana.


After graduating from the U.K in International Finance and Banking, he ran a manufacturing industry for nineteen years as Managing Director, before setting up an Industrial consultancy.


George joined the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International in 1984, and served in various positions as Chapter President, Training Director, National Director, and Regional Vice President, before he was elected National President In 2012. 


He serves on the governing board of Teen Challenge Ghana an organization that works for the rehabilitation of drug addicts. He is a member of the National Prayer Breakfast Planning Committee in Ghana. He is married, with 2 sons and 2 daughters.

Regional VP Anglophone West Africa & Cape Verde

Willie Orhin



Name: Willie Orhin

Wife  : Millie Orhin (Mrs)

Profession: Chartered Accountant

Qualifications: CA(Ghana), MBA-Finance(University of Leicester, UK), Masters in Alternative                                  Dispute Resolution; PhD-Leadership & Management (Candidate)


                      a) Technical Director (Ministry of Aviation-Ghana)

                      b) Aviation Strategist & Consultant

                      c) Senior Lecturer at Kings University College (Ghana)

                      d) Held Senior Positions in Unilever, Texaco, Shell, Billiton Gold Ltd and Ghana                                  Civil Aviation Authority


                      a) Past National Vice President

                      b) Director of Missions

                      c) Chairman-Ghana Airlifts Committee

                      d) Chairman- Indigenous Beach Outreach Team (IBOT)

FGBMFI-International: Regional Vice President (Anglophone West Africa & Cape Verde)- 2014                                           to date.

Regional VP Russia & Some Surrounding Nations

Andrey Zlobin


RVP Russia.jpg

Andrey Zlobin was born on October 5, 1961 in Russia in Khabarovsk. Andrey is a successful businessman, engaged in the sale of building materials and construction of commercial real estate.


In 1996, he met Jesus through his friend, a former drug addict, who was completely healed and became a happy man.


He joined Russian FGBMFI in 2001. In 2009, under the leadership of Richard Shakarian, he headed the Russian speaking Department of FGBMFI. Under the leadership of Andrey, the first chapters were opened in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Israel. The Russian team regularly visits other countries and has held dinners in Armenia, Georgia, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Italy, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Korea and China.


Despite the fact that Andrey is a successful businessman, he believes that the main business — is the salvation of people for Jesus Christ and all his time and finances devotes to the ministry in FGBMFI.


Andrey is a happy family man. His wife Rita heads the women's Department of FGBMFI in Russia. God gave Andrew and Rita two wonderful daughters.

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