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Regional West Africa Francophone Leaders Meeting 2018

Regional West Africa Francophone Leaders Meeting 2018

Francophone West Africa leaders and international regional vice president Lucien Ahua met in Cotonou, Benin, in West Africa. 

This meeting is part of the so-called "COAF platform". : coordination of francophone West Africa "which was implementated since 2010,year of the creation of the region.

As usual (twice a year), it was a privileged moment of exchange and sharing enriching in all respects.

The highlights were marked:

-Information on the election of the new International President and his next visit to Africa in Togo.

- Communication of the Organizing Committee of the 3rd Regional Convention from 23 to 25 August 2018 in Cotonou.

-Adoption and presentation by the RVP, the vision and the action program 2018.

In addition to these, the leaders made a very satisfactory assessment that marked the end of the pioneering phase of their region and made a commitment to continue the efforts toward the growth of the region . 

On this point, we must note some progress registered after seven years of existence:

-Maintaining the authority of the International Board of Directors and the International President in a difficult region.

-the organization of two regional conventions successfully under the effective presence of the Late  International President Richard Shakarian and his Executive Board as well as several international Directors.

- the establishment of a permanent framework of work (training, reflection, exchange and sharing) with all the national presidents from the first year of its existence. It is called COAF: Francophone West African Coordination.

- National communities now endowed with legal texts according to the laws of their different countries and in accordance with our FGBMFI regulations and the resolutions of the international board of directors.

- The birth of a spirit of solidarity and fraternal communion among nations. This is reflected in the participation of both parties in the various national conventions which even end up taking the shape of regional gatherings.

-The emergence of a generation of active and committed leaders for the construction and development of the Fgbmfi, convinced that the French expression in West Africa must make its specific contribution in the global family.

- The creation and activation of groups of young people and women who already guarantees a varied animation in mission and communion.

-The obvious growth in the number of chapters that now ranges between 30 and 50, which is very far compared to 10 and 15 chapters for many years back.

-The extension of the community to all eight countries in the area.

In the end the eight countries of the French-speaking West African region are delighted to live and experience the vision as received by the founding father: "........ I want you in local groups, small, sensitive to my presence .......".

They continue to applaud the accuracy of our international regulations, which allow for excellent dynamics and good vision development around the world.

The faith of the leaders in the future in Francophone West Africa remains great and GOD gives the strength to do so.

The next meeting is scheduled for March 30 in Lome, Togo, to take part in the preparatory meeting of the nations to welcome the International President, ing.Mario Garcia in May to LOME.

Glory to God




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