• Doug Woolley

GO 2020 Worldwide Movement

FGBMFI is among millions of Christians participating in GO 2020 in May. Every Believer is a Witness. Together we can reach 1 billion people with the Gospel in May 2020! For more information or to get involved follow this link:


Pray. Pray for 5 people. Pray for healing for those affected by the Coronavirus.

Care. Care for the practical needs of those affected by the Coronavirus. Help out with babysitting, provide meals, go grocery shopping for the elderly or check on your friends and family.

Share. Share the hope you have in Christ. Post a video of your testimony with #go2020 #hopebeyondfear. Text your testimony or share it over WhatsApp, IG, SnapChat, Tik Tok or Facebook.

Goal :

Mobilizing 100 million believers to reach 1 Billion people with the Gospel in May 2020

GO 2020 is a special edition of GLOBAL OUTREACH DAY.

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