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FGBMFI International President's Report on Trip to Asia Continent

Dear friends and members of FGBMFI, 

I want to share with all of you some of the experiences that the Lord has granted to us in our last visit to the Asian Continent. My main purpose, at this time in my life, is to rebuild this great Fellowship. One of the Regions that needed a lot of work is Asia. I want to thank our International Executive Vice President, Mr. Ardian Kristanto of Indonesia for preparing the way for my arrival to this great Region. Ardian has been working very hard with all the Nations of Asia, which made this trip very special.


First, we arrived in Hong Kong. We had a lot of comments from various people and members that it was not a good time to visit this beautiful city because of the riots. When the Lord makes a plan, there is no force that can stop it. We visited one of the key men of Hong Kong, Mr. Hugo Chan, and visited with his wife. I had the most beautiful experience when we arrived to see her, as the room was filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit and my heart was deeply touched. I know that this couple is blessed and has a special call from the Lord. At night we had a special dinner with all the board of FGBMFI Hong Kong. The final words from Mr. Chan were “Mario, this is a new beginning in the fellowship in Hong Kong.”


We traveled to Singapore for only one day to have lunch with one of the most important men in all Asia, Mr. Khoo Oon Theam. One thing he told me is “we are making history here.” This man was the one who received Demos Shakarian for the first time in Singapore, and then he began to open all the nations of the Asian Continent. Papa Khoo (as they call him) is a very special man. I shared with him and asked him for permission to call him Papa Khoo too. He began to smile and said, “of course you can call me that too." From that moment on, his heart was open and he gave me a special present, a book that holds the history of Asia and how the FGBMFI began in the past. We left the door open and I know the Lord will do something about it.


World Women's Conference (WWC) and CEO Meeting. 

Let me tell you, I had the most wonderful time in Jakarta, Indonesia. My congratulations to all the special committees in organizing this special event. The first WWC was a first class event with very special speakers and a first class venue. 4,000 people attended the event and at the same time we had the chance to meet 7 regional leaders. I visited every one of the rooms (7 Rooms) and shared with all of them. They are men with a great heart and a special commitment for the work of the Fellowship.

I want to thank the Kristanto family for their faithfulness, first with the Lord and second for the work of this Fellowship. I can see the hearts of all the FGBMFI men, ladies, and young entrepreneurs that will conquer all the Asian Region, with their example of leadership and passion, to do the work of this great Fellowship.

Dear fellow members, I invite you all to keep doing our call in this Fellowship. I am very excited for the times we have ahead of us, challenging times, but at the same time, you can feel the presence of our Lord and Savior in every decision that we make and it is because this Fellowship must conclude the call for which the Lord created it. Let’s do it together, side by side. This is how we can walk and BE ONE WITH THE LORD.


With Love and appreciation,

Mario Garcia Olvera

International President


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Sep 14, 2023

I recently read the FGBMFI International President's Report on his enlightening trip to the Asia Continent, and I must say it was truly inspiring. His journey showcased the immense impact of faith and fellowship across borders. It reminded me of the heartfelt testimonials on, illustrating the power of shared experiences and global connections in fostering personal growth and understanding.

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