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The Value of Work in the Eyes of God

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The Value of Work in the Eyes of God by Douglas E. Woolley

Work has a bigger purpose for Christians than just earning money or meeting the temporal needs of people. There is a connection between what we do and what God wants done in the world. There is a misconception that Christians sometimes have that working in “full-time ministry” (as a pastor, missionary, or church worker, etc.) is the only way to make their work lives count in serving God. Yet, God uses us in different work roles to meet needs, acting as an extension of His provision for His creation. With this knowledge that our working lives are our ministry no matter what our vocation, readers can begin to look for opportunities to be used by God and receive a rejuvenation in purpose and calling.
The Value of Work in the Eyes of God focuses on the theology of work and the connection between work and faith, discussing how the Lord uses our working lives as our ministry. The book covers a deep analysis of several areas: review of literature dealing with “theology of work,” historical views and attitudes toward work, scriptural data related to work, and practical ways to incorporate faith with work.

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