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60th Anniversary Lapel Pin (set of 4)

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60th Anniversary Lapel Pin (Bulk)

FGBMFI Commemorative Lapel Pin (Set of 4)

The 60th Anniversary Celebration Lapel Pin has many golden facets, which catch the light and the eye. This newly released, eye-popping design has been acclaimed by many of our ladies as "elegant." The unique, high quality, golden FGBMFI emblem has a very rich finish that lends to a very high perceived value.

Because postage to you is included in the price, the 60th Anniversary Celebration Lapel Pin can only be shipped within the United States and Canada. For International options please call +1 949-529-4688.

60th Anniversary Commemorative Lapel Pins delivered by US Mail:
Your Receive 4 Gold Lapel Pins for $40 payment

*Note: Can only be ordered in sets of 4... (i.e. quantity of 2 = 8 pins; quantity of 3 = 12 pins, etc...)

Purchase a pin for every Chapter Officer! Don't forget your chapter members and friends.
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