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By God's grace, we connect people with opportunities to reach out and help others find a better life and work together to build better communities.  


1. To reach men in all nations for Jesus Christ.
2. To call men back to God.
3. To help believers to be baptized in The Holy Spirit and to grow spiritually.
4. To train and equip men to fulfill the Great Commission.
5. To provide an opportunity for Christian fellowship.
6. To bring unity among all people in the body of Christ. 


Our Vision & Values​

We see business people on every continent working together to transform their communities, cities, and nations.


7 Core Values


Love - sacrificing for the good of others...

Integrity - choosing to do the right thing...

Relationship - value people above all other things...

Commitment - no obstacle is too great, never give up...

Networking - opportunities are born by reaching out to others...

Training - equipped for every good work...

Transforming - making this world a better place by God's power...



"What answers does the church have for men - women too - facing the really horrendous complexities of modern business? People with tremendous responsibilities, where hundreds of jobs depend on the decisions they make. I've had men like that come to me, Demos, and frankly I couldn't even understand their questions. What do I know about labor contracts and price freezes? I've had no experience in business. "

"Sure, we clergy can give comfort and counsel to a man who's down and out, but what about the man who makes it? He needs God just as much, and ministers like me don't even know the language."


                      - Dr. Charles Price, Evangelist

 (from The Happiest People on Earth by Demos Shakarian)

"Just think how many more businessmen there are in the world than preachers. If businessmen should ever start to spread the gospel..."


                - Demos Shakarian, Founder of FGBMFI



is an organization where...

Full Gospel -

means no subject has to be avoided, whatever a person's experience - salvation, healing, deliverance - it can be shared, just as it happened; and


Business Men -

are laymen, ordinary people from all walks of life; and


Fellowship -

is what it feels like - A bunch of people who get together to share their love for Jesus; and where


International - 

means the whole world, all races, ages, backgrounds, and denominations.


We Believe 
(simply stated) 

That God exists. 
That He is the Creator of the Universe. 
That God is the Father of mankind. 
He created the first man and woman in His image. 
That God’s plan for mankind is GOOD! 

That Jesus Christ is the Son of God. 
He was born into this world to redeem mankind 
back to a proper relationship with the Father. 
Through His death and resurrection, 
we receive salvation and are reconciled to God. 

That the precious Holy Spirit of God is working in our lives today, 
through His giftings and fruit, to bring about the will of the Father. 
I am personally seeking His fullness in my life. 

That the Holy Bible is the Word of God to mankind.

Our International President

Mr. Mario Garcia Olvera


On February 10, 2018 in a solemn meeting of the International Directors, held in the city of Houston, USA; Mr. Mario García Olvera was elected by a majority vote as the new International President of FGBMFI.

We are sure that Mr. Garcia, with the help of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will be able to carry out the reconstruction and rebirth of our worldwide organization for these final times.

Mario is a man dedicated to agricultural business, he is married and has 3 children, who reside in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. He has been an active member for 24 years and has held different positions in his country, currently he is also the National President of FGBMFI Mexico, according to the International Bylaws.

Mario was named by Dr. Richard Shakarian as Regional VP for Latin America and in recent years he focused on the unity and growth of South America.

He was a close adviser to Dr. Richard Shakarian, involved in projects worldwide and visiting different continents, carrying forward the vision and purposes of our organization. He is known as a simple and humble man and in all the regions where he shared, seeds were left sown with Love, Unity and Respect.

Let us ask God for his life, for his leadership, so that he may receive wisdom from above and carry out the work for which he has been called in these special times at the head of this great global organization.


Our Leadership

Mr. Humberto Arguello


Our Leadership & Staff

International Executive Vice President

Mr. Adrian Kristanto


Mr. Ardian Kristanto is the Chairman of IKA Group, a holding company consisting of several companies working in property, chemicals, construction materials, manufacturing and trading. He loves and serves the Lord passionately, especially in the marketplace through Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International (FGBMFI).


Currently, he is the National President of FGBMFI Indonesia, and he is an International Director for FGBMFI globally. He is married to a servant of God, Pastor Hanna Kristanto, and blessed with 3 children, 2 children-in-law and 2 grandchildren. He is a member of IFGF Church.

International Secretary

Mr. Doug Woolley

United States

Doug Woolley worked for Verizon for 28 years, most recently as a Web Developer in the field of Cloud Computing and has attained three prestigious certifications in Amazon Web Services (AWS). As of 2019 he currently works for JPMorgan Chase & Co. as a Software Engineer. In high school, Doug was ranked among the top in the USA in mathematics, computer programming, and science.

Doug earned several degrees, including a B.S. in Computer Science, a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies, a Master’s in Theology, and a B.S. in Computer Information Services with a concentration in Web Development and Administration. Doug authored several computer books and a Christian book dealing with the theology of work.


Doug has served in various leadership positions in FGBMFI since 1991, such as vice-president of the Tampa chapter, Florida treasurer and field rep, Int'l. Director at Large, USA Nat'l. Director, web master for www.fgbmfi.org and regional sites, USA Southeast Regional Director, Int'l. Director, and Int'l Secretary.


Doug lives in Tampa, Florida, USA, with his wife, 2 sons, and a giant poodle.

International Treasurer

Mr. Francis Owusu


Francis Owusu is a product of the London School of Economics, UK and a member of the Chartered Instituteof Management Accountants, UK.       


He is an Executive Director of the Fiesta Hotels & Residences, a family owned hospitality group based in Ghana with affiliates in South Africa.


He has been a member of the Fellowship in Ghana for over 17 years and was appointed an International Director at Large in the year 2010.


Francis is married with children.

Chairman of the Global Advisory Council

Mr. Danny Mawuenyega


Danny Easmon Mawuenyega is a Farmer/Businessman. He is the CEO of Dakoma Ventures Ltd. & Group Chairman of Kenaf Industries Ltd.


He has been a member of the Fellowship over two decades. He is married to Barbara, they are blessed with 3 children. 


Danny has served in various capacities in the Fellowship, among which are: International Secretary FGBMFI, International Director at Large, Special Ambassador to the Nations.  He also served as a Special Assistant to our Late President Richard Shakarian. 


He has excellent interpersonal relationship and exudes confidence and passionate about the things of God.  Among his strengths are natural diplomacy, strong negotiating skills and the ability to manage difficult situations with a smile   He loves the Lord and has the heart of a servant.

Co-Chairman of the Global Advisory Council

Mr. Bruno Berthon


Bruno has been an active member of FGBMFI since the day of November 1976 when he was baptized in the Holy Spirit during a meeting of the Paris chapter, the only one in France then. He became a young National President in 1983, renewed until 2004.


During these years France could initiate the work in many French speaking Africa nations, and was also much involved in the European developments, with outreaches to new nations, particularly in Eastern Europe. He remembers the big European convention that took place in France in 1986 where Demos and Rose were present for what would be their last visit to Europe, or the huge European gathering in 1997 in Paris’ largest indoor stadium, with Christians from all nations and denominations, sharing together, in the unity of the Body of Christ, the good news of lives transformed by Christ.


Bruno was International Vice President for Europe from 1994 to 2003, then he was appointed by Richard Shakarian as his Special Regent for French speaking Africa. He remembers visiting these nations together with the Nicaraguan brothers in order to launch the new fire team’s developments. 


Bruno is a living memory of much of our Fellowship history, with its successes and also its failures. As a European he has experienced how lack of unity can harm and even destroy the work. That is why in the IDs’ meetings over the last years Bruno would steadily intervene to press our International body to take steps towards unity and reconciliation. Bruno says: Now is the time.


Professionally Bruno was working in the international field of energy. He is married with Chantal, and they have six children.

Secretary of the Global Advisory Council

Mr. Benjamin Toledo


Benjamin has degrees in Economics and Finance. His business experience is in Agro-Based Industries and Real Estate.


He has been a member of FGBMFI since 1990, serving during this time in various positions in Honduras, as Chapter President, on the National Board as Treasurer, Secretary and Vice President, and as International Director.


He lives in Honduras with his wife Karla and their 5 daughters. 

International V.P. Ambassador of the Vision

Mr. John Carrette

United States

Johnny Carrette is our International Vice President for training in the Vision given by God to FGBMFI.


He has been a member of the Fellowship for 40 years and together with his wife Charlotte, he was trained by our Founding President, Demos Shakarian, to be a helper to our chapters in the nations.


Johnny will be an Ambassador of the Vision in all the nations of the world.

Mr. Gerardo Rivera


Gerardo Rivera has a degree in Business Administration from the National Autonomous University of Honduras and a Master's in Business from the Catholic University of Honduras. He has studied in administrative, financial, leadership, insurance and reinsurance issues in Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, the United States and Spain.

The last 12 years he has been General Manager of Seguros del País, S.A. Insurance Company, a member of Corporación BI, the largest Private Financial Group in Central America.

Gerardo Rivera has been President of the International Junior Chamber of Tegucigalpa, President of the Honduran Chamber of Insurers, which brings together all the Insurance Companies that operate in Honduras, and Vice President for Central America, Panama and the Caribbean of the Inter-American Federation of Insurance Companies (FIDES) organization that brings together all associations of insurance companies in the countries of America and Spain.

He has been married to Lorena de Rivera for 34 years and they have 4 wonderful children.

He is a member of the Full Gospel Business Men´s Fellowship International since 1996 (22 years) where he has served as Secretary, Treasurer and Chapter President, Field Representative, Regional Director, Zonal Director and other positions.
He is an International Director of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International in Honduras.

He has coordinated Encuentro Zonales, National Conventions, a Latin American Summit of Leaders and the World Conventions of Honduras in 2017 and Las Vegas in 2018.

International V.P. Chapter Development

Mr. Gratien De Souza


Gratien De Souza has been a member of FGBMFI since 1989, now as an Ambassador for the fellowship. He is a successful businessman. Gratien is the C.E.O of Alfaco Ltd., a company which deals in Aluminum profiles and industrial glass for construction. He has businesses in Togo, Ghana, Mali, and China. He is passionate about soul winning.
He is an active member in France and Togo, and opened chapters in China. He served under Richard Shakarian's leadership as a special Ambassador assigned to conventions and chapters.


He is the author of the book, God's Plan, a testimony of transformation in his own life. 

Gratien is married to Florentine and they are blessed with 5 beautiful daughters. He is well traveled and carries the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever he goes. Many know Gratien for his popular cliché "Jesus loves you.‘’

Chairman of Int'l. Conventions &
Special Assistant to the Int'l. President
International Vice Treasurer (special apt.)

Mr. Alberto Pereira


Engineer Alberto Pereira is an Agronomist and a Lawyer. He has been an active member of FGBMFI Nicaragua over the past 24 years. He is married, and he is currently a successful businessman in several branches of business, mainly in the car sales. His first chapter was the Country Club of which he now is the President. He has occupied different responsibilities with vitality and achievement in the area of finance.


In 2014 he held the position of National Treasurer of FGBMFI Nicaragua and was also appointed International Director. He faithfully supported the leadership of Dr. Richard Shakarian in different parts of Latin America, and he loves with passion his gift of motivating people to get to know God through this wonderful Vision.


He has visited different nations such as Nigeria, Congo, Israel, Indonesia, Russia, Spain, Italy and all Latin America. His commitment to this organization is remarkable and he continues, to this day, motivating people to be part of this organization and, together with his family, he has been actively working on all the projects in which he has been invited.

International Director at Large

Mr. Gideon Esurua


Int'l. Director at Large, specializing in Int'l. Relations & Protocols

Mr. John Kennedy Opara


Gideon gave his life to Christ in the trunk of his car after being abducted by armed robbers. After receiving Christ, his life and family completely changed.


Gideon is personally active and diligent in bringing others to Christ. He has traveled to 44 nations and in his travels, he has been involved in opening new chapters and encouraging business men to move forward in the



Dr. Richard Shakarian in the excerpts of his book “Still The Happiest People” page 200 had this to say about Gideon: “He has a heart filled with compassion for others, is steadfast and never wavers under pressure. He has total confidence in the Lord”.


Gideon is a geologist, serial entrepreneur and tech investor. His current businesses are in Oil & Gas, Mobile Tech, FinTech and Payments.


He has served as an International Director for a decade and as International Treasurer for slightly over six years. As International Director at Large, he will carry out some special duties for the International President and the International Board.


Gideon is married to Kate and blessed with a daughter, Jael.

John Kennedy Opara, PhD., OFR, JP graduated from the University of Calabar, Nigeria and earned a Master’s degree from University of Jos Nigeria and later proceeded to the same university to obtain his PhD in Applied Microbiology.

He went to Harvard University and Stanford University, USA to obtain post graduate certificates in Leadership. He studied also at the prestigious Oxford University obtained a postgraduate diploma in Leadership. He also did some management program work with Columbia University, New York USA and Cambridge University London United Kingdom. He is well read and has traveled widely.

He had served under four successive presidents in Nigeria, where he occupied different positions as Special Assistant on Religious Matters. He was appointed the Pioneer Executive Secretary of Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission (Presidency) from 2008-2016, when he left office.

He was honored by the USA Parliament in conjunction with the African Leadership Magazine as the best Public Servant in Africa in 2013. He remains the only public servant to take a seated Nigerian President to Israel. He initiated the youth and family pilgrimage.

In 2014 the federal government of Nigeria honored him with a National Honor: Order of the Federal Republic (OFR) in appreciation for his numerous achievements.

Today he is the chairman/CEO of CSS Group of Companies majoring in Agriculture, construction, food processing and packaging, Aviation and Renewable energy.

In FGBMFI he has held several positions from the president, to International Director @ Large. He led the first FGBMFI airlift from Abuja to Gambia, Senegal, Burundi, and Sweden among other countries. 

He loves and serves the Lord passionately especially in schools, marketplace or events through the fellowship. He is currently an International Director at Large of the fellowship. He is married to Mrs. Amaka Opara and has two lovely daughters: Esther and Deborah. 

International Coordinator Ladies of the Fellowship

Mrs. Silvia Marquez de Garcia


Silvia is a bank executive, writer and active member of FGBMFI for 23 years.


She has been the National Coordinator Ladies of the Fellowship in Mexico for more than 17 years.


International Speaker on various topics of Leadership for Women, Family Growth and Principles and Values.

She has extensive experience in the development of the Vision, sharing in conferences in companies, hospitals, universities and government entities; for which she was guest of honor to the Presidency of the Republic of Mexico in 2012.


She has visited several countries such as USA, Central and South America, English Guyana, Armenia and Australia; always supporting the growth of the Ladies movement of the FGBMFI.


In 2014, she wrote the book "The Joy of Suffering."


Silvia is married, has 3 children and has always supported the leadership of her husband, Eng. Mario García Olvera.

Operations Manager

Mrs. Becky Dyson

United States

Rebecca Dyson "Becky," began working with FGBMFI-HQ in April 2008 as a "part-time" receptionist. 

With her Finacial Services, Bookkeeping, Escrow, and Title Insurance background, she became the full-time Receptionist, Bookkeeper, and Administrative Assistant to the Director of Operations in May 2008.


She has served as the Operations Manager since May 2018.

Director of Int'l. Social Media & Marketing

Mr. Christian Rodriguez

United States

Christian Rodriguez studied psychology at The Citadel: Military College of South Carolina. He also studied ministry at Charis Bible College and served in the US Army Reserves.  

He is currently the CEO of Reflections Business Enterprises and plans to open a store. He is also the senior project manager for a pharmaceutical, lab, and packaging company, responsible for over 300 employees across various projects. 


Christian currently serves as the Director of Social Media and Marketing for FGBMFI-International and FGBMFI-USA. He is the webmaster for fgbmfi.org and fgbmfiusa.life. He also serves as the Midwest Regional Director for FGBMFI-USA, and is a Chapter President.





Burkina Faso

Len Donaldson

David Odushina

Formouzèrè Adama Zala


Costa Rica

Dem. Rep. Congo

Ivan Murcia

Carlos Morales

Hernan Ramirez

Ricardo Calderon

Ricardo Oreamuno

Pierre Fwelo

Clement Ilunga

El Salvador

Orlando Lorenzana

Miguel Cubias

Salvador Salazar


Philippe Roser


Wexford O. Amoah

Francis Owusu

George Prah

Tony Sarpong

Ben Natey

Frank Achampong



Adonay Aguirre

Francisco Vasquez

Pablo Gomez

Henry Castillo

Gerardo Townson

Luis Navichoque

Rafael Cuestas

Jose Ramon Aguilera

Gerardo Alfredo Rivera Munoz

Carlos Roberto Pinel

Jose Oswaldo Oliva Guerra

Mario Sanchez

Alexis Sagastume

Leonidas Mejia

Jorge Siryi

Jose Adrian Franco

Javier Pena


Christian Lau

Len Widjaja

Soebarkat Pranoto

Dalie Sutanto

Tomy Lim

Agus Surjanto

Ardian Kristanto

Anthony Pitihrai

Ivory Coast



Lucien Ahua Koffi Bredou

Mario Garcia Olvera

Oscar Cepeda

Luis Lerma Alvardo

Efren Aguinaga Rodriguez

Richard Ling



Julio Arias

Juan Manuel Pena

Juan Tijerino

Luis Amado Cruz

Oscar Bello

Norman Velez

Adrian Calero

Rafael Cruz

Roger Gonzalez
Gustavo Morazan
Julio Peinado

Sierra Leone

Sahr Gbamanja


United States

Humberto Lotilla


Paul Lai

Michael Postlewait

Doug Woolley



Alf Liljehall

Gratien De Souza















Burkina Faso


Cayman Islands

Central African Rep.





Costa Rica


Dem. Rep. Congo



El Salvador
















Ivory Coast




First/Last Name

Leopoldo Mayembe

William Holder

Juan Blanco

Nikolay Khachaturov

Len Donaldson

Dr. Wolfgang Hoffmann

John Ellis

Michael Grunnam

Jorge Meliton Auil

David Odushina
Oscar Leon

Stefan Ivanoff

Formouzèrè Adama Zala

Thaddee Niragira

Claude Mpouli
Harold Paramlal

Agou Augustin

Joel Tatola Benaindo

Jorge Romero

Ivan Murcia

François Ambendet

Ricardo Oreamuno

Angel Marto

Macaire Gulefua

Curtis Tonge

Enrique Espinosa

Salvador Salazar

Martin Issakainen

Philippe Roser

Hobaha Coulibaly

Said Usuf

Roland Benz

George Prah

(Acting) Lennox John

Jose A. Aguirre Quinonez

Raphael Tonguno Faya

Shawn Gurcharran

Aubens Fermine

Dr. Carlos Pinel

Miklos Molnar

Dalie Sutanto

Piero Luciano de Pieri

Lucien Ahua Koffi Bredou

Earl Richards

Katsumi Yasuda

Arthur W. B. Fumbah

First/Last name

Fong Hoong Heng

Ruben Tera

Joseph Zammit (Acting)

Lucien Jaar

Mario Garcia-Olvera

(Nat. Coor) Nelson Phyo

Juan Manuel Pena

Ibrahim Wonkoye

(Nat. Coor.)
(Nat. Coor.) Egil Sagen

Jefferson Tasleem Ghauri

Aristides Torres

Fernando Samudio

Cesar Ocampo

Robert Lee

Willie Leon

Andrey Zlobin

Jean Bosco Rutayisire 

Moussa Sadia

Sahr Gbamanja

James Mpele

Javier Arruga Serrano 

Warner Riviere

Owen Warde

Bryan Walcott

Efrich Lourens

David Eston

Anil Jiandani

George E. Edwin

Johan Eklof

Recordon Jean-Jacques

Sheppy K. Kounetsron

Trevor Joseph

Robert Rutaagi

Igor Soloviov

Lynn Heritage

Mike Postlewait

Gabriel Effa

Wilson Bustos

Le Phu Son

Peter Lintini
















Puerto Rico  




Sierra Leone

South Africa       


St. Croix, V.I.

St. Kitts         

St. Lucia W.I.      

St. Martin           

St. Thomas V.I.    

St. Vincent & Gr.   





Trinidad & Tobago



United Kingdom 

United States 





FGBMFI has a presence in other nations, but the above are the countries with National Presidents/Coordinators.



Directors(AT LARGE)



Costa Rica                    

Dem. Rep. Congo









United States                

First/Last Name

Dennis Spenst

Jaime Sol

Ebuto Bolia / Umba Tito / Lunda Mundala / Auguy Kabongo Lubadi / André Menga Nsoki

Bruno Berthon

Danny Mawuenyega

Benjamin Toledo

Miklos Molnar

Kenneth E Kristanto / Rudyanto Jap

Johnny WOO Koi Tiang

Gideon Esurua / John Kennedy Opara

Daniel Wahlstrom

Neil Nelles / Jose Sikaffy


vice presidents



RVP - French West Africa

RVP - Central Africa

RVP - East Africa

RVP - Southern Africa

RVP - Asia Pacific

RVP - Latin America

RVP - Western Europe

RVP - Eastern Europe

RVP - Caribbean

RVP - Anglophone West Africa

          & Cape Verde

RVP - Russia & Some Surrounding            Nations

First/Last Name

Lucien Ahua

Pierre Fwelo

Eghosa Ogedegbe

George Prah

Tomy Lim

Ricardo Oreamuno

Bruno Berthon

Igor Soloviov

Trevor Joseph

Willie Orhin

Andrey Zlobin


youth coordinators


International Youth Coordinator - Asia

International Youth Coordinator - Latin America

International Youth Coordinator - Africa

First/Last Name

Kenneth E. Kristanto

Jose Ramon Aguilera

Charles Mawuenyega

Asian Leaders
African Leaders
Latin Leaders
European Leaders
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